Our Experience

Our attorneys have conducted over 60 independent workplace investigations, including allegations of:

  • Racial discrimination in promotional and termination practices in a predominantly white organization
  • Racial discrimination in administering employee discipline for attendance violations
  • Gender and racial discrimination regarding general working conditions and job duties
  • Religious and gender harassment for ordering female employees to remove head coverings
  • Racial, gender, religious, and/or sexual orientation harassment for the use of derogatory remarks in the workplace
  • Same-sex sexual harassment between senior level administrators
  • Computer misuse by independent contractor accessing internet pornography
  • Mishandling of internal sexual harassment investigation conducted by supervisor

Our vast litigation experience with employment claims gives us a unique insight when conducting workplace investigations. We conduct independent and unobtrusive investigations into internal employee complaints, third party complaints, and lawsuits alleging employee or employer misconduct. We perform fact-finding investigations and make objective written findings and recommendations to employers.

After the conclusion of the investigation, we also work with the employer to implement recommendations noted during the investigation. After reaching a conclusion and offering recommendations, we can assess client exposure, if any, through on-going advice and counseling with the goal of minimizing any future claims. In so doing, we develop close working relationships with those employers who retain our services.

We have experience counseling employers on a wide range of employment-related issues including minimizing the risks of terminations and ensuring compliance with federal and state employment statutes. Our firm can draft employment applications, employee handbooks, employment agreements and other policies designed to avoid litigation. We can also assist in designing accommodations for employees without compromising a client’s legitimate business needs.

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