Pierce Davis & Perritano is Proud to Support Lawyers Clearinghouse


Pierce Davis & Perritano LLP is proud to support Lawyers Clearinghouse, a nonprofit that connects pro bono lawyers with nonprofits and people in need. At the 29th Annual Meeting on June 1, 2017, John Keith, CEO of Keith Construction, Inc. and Keith Properties, and Shelly Hoon Keith, CEO of Hoon Construction Services Inc., will receive the Lawyers Clearinghouse Leadership Award for their contributions supporting affordable housing, education, and the nonprofit sector.

PDP partner John J. Cloherty III, who has volunteered with the organization since 2013, will attend the event on June 1. In a volunteer spotlight featuring John, Maribeth Perry, Executive Director of Lawyers Clearinghouse, said,

“John has been a wonderful resource to ensure that homeless clients are able to get the legal help they so desperately need.  The Lawyers Clearinghouse is truly grateful for the hours he has dedicated to helping the homeless.”

Register for the 29th Annual Meeting on June 1, 2017.