John Cloherty Interviewed by BC Law’s Project Dignity Team


Project Dignity, a documentary video by Boston College Law School students looks at how the legal system is restoring–and can John Cloherty Project Dignity Videocontinue to restore–dignity to the lives of those who have been robbed of it by the social forces of power and privilege. PDP trial attorney and former public defender, John J. Cloherty III, talks about his desire to give back and help others less fortunate saying, “Because of the skill sets we (the private bar) have, we are able to navigate the system that can affect peoples’ lives.”

John is a volunteer with Lawyers for Homeless and Lawyers Clearinghouse. He has also been featured in “Pro Bono Victories” (September 15, 2016) and “Former public defender returns to helping the under-served” Lawyers Clearinghouse (January 18, 2013).

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