Our Experience

In addition to the other areas described elsewhere in more detail, we have skill in handling a wide variety of general litigation.

Examples of practice areas in which our attorneys litigate include:

Premises Liability – We have handled numerous premises liability cases for both commercial and residential properties. These lawsuits arise out of allegedly defective conditions on the property causing property damage and/or personal injury. Due to the broad nature of this area of law, the array of lawsuits varies sharply in complexity and exposure. The claims range from common slip and falls to negligent security and false imprisonment. The nature and extent of the damages vary from minor injuries to serious damage, bodily injury, and wrongful death cases. Our experience allows us to evaluate cases early in the litigation process, often resulting in the quick resolution of matters or, when in our client’s best interest, engaging in discovery and trial.

Construction Liability – We have successfully handled and tried cases involving a wide range of construction-related claims, including personal injury and/or property damage on public and private construction projects of all sizes. The issues involved range from the routine, including falls on construction debris, to the rather complex, such as injuries arising from toxic substances generated by construction operations. We have litigated cases involving near fatal accidents from workplace machinery to electrocution of sub-contractors. Subtle allocations of responsibility between a contractor and various subcontractors are often at issue. We have represented a broad range of clients, including general contractors, sub-contractors, architects, and engineers.

Accounting Malpractice – We have experience in litigating claims of accounting malpractice brought against large international accounting firms. This complex area of law requires lawyers to be familiar with accounting standards, financial statements, auditing procedures, and the scope of reliance a business may place upon its accountant. Expert testimony usually is necessary to secure a favorable outcome.

Vicarious Liability for Sexual Misconduct of Employees – We have defended numerous public and private entities against claims that their employees engaged in sexual abuse, molestation, sexual assault or sexual harassment brought by both minors and adults. These emotionally-charged cases are difficult for all parties involved and require an acute awareness of the issues of privacy and confidentiality, feelings of anger, mistrust and victimization, and legitimate concerns about false memory and false accusations. We handle these cases using our experience and knowledge regarding the complex legal framework in which such claims are resolved, our familiarity with the professionals involved — lawyers, judges, social workers, state agency representatives, police and mental health professionals — and a sensitivity to the emotional, business, and legal needs of our clients.

Liquor Liability – We have represented a number of defendants in both “social host” and dram shop cases arising out of alcohol related injuries. Our extensive knowledge of the nuances of the law underlying these cases has allowed us to focus discovery and prepare strategic pre-trial motions, and has led to great success in limiting our clients’ liability. For example, we obtained a defense verdict after trial on behalf of a tavern owner by demonstrating that our client had no reason to know that its patron was intoxicated while in the tavern.

Elevator and Escalator Liability – We have over 50 years of combined experience representing U.S. companies that manufacture, install, and maintain elevator and escalator equipment. Applying our combined knowledge of the mechanical workings of elevators and escalators, relevant state and federal laws, industry standards and insurance coverage issues, we are able to successfully represent corporations and insureds in claims ranging from personal injury, and product liability, to toxic tort. We also have extensive experience asserting contractual defenses, especially the indemnification and hold harmless language found in many contracts, to eliminate, mitigate or shift liability exposure. We have a network of expert witnesses to call upon to assist in the evaluation of liability and to testify in the defense of the client’s business practices. Learn more…

Our knowledge and experience put us in the forefront of litigation defense firms in New England.  Our representation for general litigation cases begins in the pre-suit phase (demand letter, summons/complaint, etc.) continues through the discovery period, is followed by dispositive motions and/or trial, and then continues through any post-trial motions or appeal that may be warranted. We have tried cases of all sizes, from “small claims” to multi-million dollar damages cases. These cases have varying degrees of complexity, including class actions, multi-district litigation, and consolidated cases. We have successfully argued these cases before the highest appellate courts in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, as well as before the First Circuit Court of Appeals.